5. One-to-one

3 hours

People often say at the end of this session, ‘I had all the information, I wasn’t quite sure where to start but this is exactly what I wanted to say’.

This session is for CEO’s, COO’s and senior management looking for a fresh take on a piece of communication they are planning. Having all the detail to hand sometimes makes it even harder to articulate a clear compelling story to your audience. A story is effortless to absorb and easy to pass on, which makes it exactly the format you need to get your message across. This session gives you some precious clear-thinking time and will allow you to organize your thoughts, draw out some of the ideas you have which are currently sitting in your sub-conscious and plot out the story you want to tell.

I also offer one-to-one support on Skype for individuals, often start-ups or people about to undertake interviews, to articulate their personal or professional story more clearly