1. Your story

business story, product story, department story
3 hours

An intense, enjoyable, extremely productive session to bring a fresh perspective on your story; who you are, what you stand for and why your audience should care. Expertly facilitated to deliver valuable insights and generate new ideas about the way you tell your story.

During this session I use the model of a story as a structure to work through critical questions: Who is the audience? What end result is desired? What elements of the story are relevant to the audience? What elements of this story are currently missing?

For larger companies, it can be extremely useful to invite a range of stakeholders e.g. CEO, and front-lines sales rep, to participate in this session for a unique opportunity to build a 360 degree version of the story. Expect insights and revelations where you would least expect them. Fantastic take-away too as attendees can use the same tools to create more compelling communication at work and will never watch a movie trailer in the same way again!

I provide a written report of the ideas and elements downloaded during the session.

jonathan_morris“Ann worked with us to simplify a complex technical message for a new broader audience outside our traditional client base.

Despite not being from the market she quickly grasped the core principles and was able steer our team towards creating clear compelling website text. Having her as an independent facilitator was a huge benefit and ensured the process was extremely efficient.

Ann’s approach enabled us to turn our technobabble into plain English for a new type of client.”
Jonathan Morris; COO, Data Explorers



2. Your story well told

pitches, websites, presentations
3 hours – full offsite day

In this session we build the business story (as above) and then plot out the way we will tell it to the audience. I use a story-tracker template which enables us to build the communication as a flowing story rather than a set of messages, and dump any distracting detail from the story.

We interrogate the all-important beginnings and endings to our communication. We explore what really is the purpose of the piece and therefore how best to engineer its success. We can also use this session to harvest and refine stories about the way you do business which are vital tools for marketing, PR, recruitment and internal buy-in.

Nikki_Gattenbury“You know when someone understands your business when they walk into a room and capture your imagination from the word go. That’s Ann. She smart, sharp and knows what makes a good story. Having worked with Ann, we’ve completely changed the way we talk about our business. And it’s capturing the imagination of people we want to work with. In short, brilliant.”
Nikki Gatenby: MD Propellernet



3. One-to-one

3 hours

People often say at the end of this session, ‘I had all the information, I wasn’t quite sure where to start but this is exactly what I wanted to say’.

This session is for CEO’s, COO’s and senior management looking for a fresh take on a piece of communication they are planning. Having all the detail to hand sometimes makes it even harder to articulate a clear compelling story to your audience. A story is effortless to absorb and easy to pass on, which makes it exactly the format you need to get your message across. This session gives you some precious clear-thinking time and will allow you to organize your thoughts, draw out some of the ideas you have which are currently sitting in your sub-conscious and plot out the story you want to tell.

I also offer one-to-one support on Skype for individuals, often start-ups or people about to undertake interviews, to articulate their personal or professional story more clearly