3. Training – communication skills

3 hours to full offsite day

We are all natural storytellers we just need to use the skills more consciously in business. This session will unlock your storytelling skills and show you how to apply these to every communication you plan.

Attendees bring live projects to work on during the session so they can apply the tools to a real challenge, and also move their project on during the session.
Attendees learn to get really audience-focused and understand the purpose of their communication. They learn to paint a fuller picture of the story, to be aware of the tone they use to communicate it and most importantly, start to create pictures in their audience’s minds. This course also offers a great opportunity for teams to interrogate the way they communicate on a daily basis both internally and externally.

Darren_Hockaday“since my training with Ann two years ago I make sure I tell a story in all parts of my work, including negotiations with unions and reporting to the executive.

Nowadays instead of giving people a statement of fact I will tell a story”
Darren Hockaday: formerly HR Director, London Overground Rail


4. Training – stories for sales

3 hours to full offsite day

An energising, inspiring, confidence-building session for experienced, and inexperienced, sales teams. Using the structure of a story to map your pitch makes sense – you need to grab the attention of an audience and inspire a response. This is a very practical application of story principles to help sales teams see a pitch from a customers point of view and make a plan that will take them on a journey. The session includes lots of exercises to practice the learning as we go.