Whatever the objective, problem or challenge, my process starts with a 4-hour intensive facilitated session with up to 8 stakeholders. Attendees are introduced to the theory and methodology of story principles, and then use them to work through a carefully structured creative process.

The session is designed to bring a fresh but expertly facilitated exploration of a subject that attendees often know almost too well and bring them to a new clear consensus of what their story is. During this session I use the model of a story as a structure to work through the important co-ordinates of the story: who is the audience, what end result is desired, what elements of the story are relevant to the audience and what elements of this story may have been missing previously.

A written report of the ideas and elements downloaded during the session will be delivered following the session and then based on these insights and findings I develop a story and strategy in collaboration with the client supported by further one-to-one meetings or phone calls as required


Max 10 attendees – full day/half  day

This a double-hander where I am joined by the renowned exec producer behind The Apprentice,  Patrick Uden.

Tools for writers – clarity, impact, rhythm, truth. The course is designed to introduce our attendees to some of the skills, techniques and wisdoms learnt from years of working to engage and inspire the most unforgiving of clients – the British public.  The training day seeks to give attendees a refreshing perspective on their daily challenges, the time and guidance to experiment with style and language, some radical thinking around the subject of truth and some tools and techniques to take back to the coal-face of corporate writing.

Patrick Uden is amongst other things an Executive Producer on BBC1’s Apprentice and has written every commentary script for the show the last 8 years.

Up to 8 attendees – half day

Attendees learn invaluable story building tools which they can use in every part of their professional life.  They bring live projects to work on during the session. This course also offers a great opportunity for teams to interrogate the way they communicate on a daily basis both internally and externally.

Up to 10 attendees – 3 hours

Using the structure of a story to map your pitch makes sense – you need to grab the attention of an audience and inspire a response. This is a very practical skip through story principles with lots of exercises to practice the learning as we go. An energising, inspiring, confidence-building experience for experienced and inexperience teams.