BUILD THE RIGHT STORY – website, internal strategy launch, product pitch, conference planning                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

3 hrs – 4 hrs with maximum 12 attendees.

An intense, enjoyable, extremely productive session to bring a fresh perspective on a communication challenge or project.  Expertly facilitated to deliver valuable insights and generate new ideas to capture the attention of your audience and keep it..

Ultimately we are working towards a new clear consensus of what this story actually is. During this session I use the model of a story as a structure to work through critical questions: Who is the audience?, What end result is desired?, What elements of the story are relevant to the audience? and What elements of this story may have been missing previously?

For larger companies, it can be extremely useful to invite stakeholders ranging from CEO to front-lines sales or call handler for example to participate in this session.  It gives a possibly unique opportunity to see a 360 degree version of the story.  Attendees are introduced to the theory and methodology of story principles, and then use them to work through a carefully structured creative process.

A written report of the ideas and elements downloaded during the session will be delivered and then, if required, based on these insights and findings, I can work further with the client to develop a story and strategy.