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130 mins or 2 x 60 mins

A intensive and entertaining session which will open your eyes to the skills and impact of stories and help you and your team start to build your own. Attendees are introduced to the theory and methodology of story principles, and then use them to work through a carefully structured creative process.

The session is designed to bring a fresh but expertly facilitated exploration of a subject that attendees often know almost too well and bring them to a new clear consensus of what their story is. Using film, TV examples and daily experiences I get people recognising the important co-ordinates of a good story and how to use them to their advantage.

This session can be used to start to build a company story, a product story or to start harvesting and refining narratives about your products and services to use as invaluable  marketing tools.



30 – 60 mins

What the hell is happening out there? Renowned social media consultant gives a window of insight into how social media is changing the way that customers make choices and how businesses are adapting to  meet that challenge. Designed to run alongside ‘Unlock Your Story’.

60 – 120 mins

An energising, inspiring, confidence-building experience for experienced and inexperienced sales teams.Using the structure of a story to map your pitch makes sense – you need to grab the attention of an audience and inspire a response. This is a very practical application of  story principles to help sales teams see a pitch from a customers point of view and tailor a pitch accordingly. Includes lots of exercises to practice the learning as we go.