How I can help you.

My training and facilitation session use a unique methodology that taps into the most successful form of communication in the world – the story.

When you are very close to your brand, company, or product it can actually become a barrier to communicating its value and relevance to your audience. Story coaching gives you a set of tools to help you stand back from the detail, see through the eyes of your audience, and plan a communication that gets the attention of the audience, keeps them listening and inspires a response.

A story follows very particular principles and we will steal these, because the story model gives you the co-ordinates of what your audience really cares about. There are seven elements which you will find in every story ever told. When we break your story out into these elements you will be amazed at the insights and fresh thinking it brings. By considering every part individually we start to find a much richer, authentic and compelling story. It really is an exciting and constantly surprising process.

We can also look at the structure of a story and how it draws the audience in and keeps them onboard. You will learn to use this structure as a map to plot your story, taking your audience on a journey to the place you want them to arrive at.

We can use the session to solve a business challenge, to plan a communication or to get insightful training. The process is methodical, and logical and after the session you will always use parts of it to plan your story.










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