When you are very close to your brand, company, or product this can actually become a barrier to communicating its value and relevance to your audience.

I can help you see past the detail to build a clear, compelling and authentic communication which will engage your audience and inspire a response.

I use a unique methodology that taps into the most successful form of communication in the world – the story. A story is a succinct and perfect model that lures in the audience and takes them on a well-navigated journey to a satisfying conclusion. We are all voracious consumers of stories – movies, documentaries, magazines and newspapers all keep our attention by using stories.

I will show you how stories hold the secret of what audiences actually CARE about and how to find this in your own content.

Every story has the same consistent elements and a very particular structure and so by using this model I can work in a facilitated session with clients to interrogate all the elements of their story and build a truly audience focused communication.

Lots of people will offer to help you tell your story but very few people can help you find the parts you are missing.

I then collaborate with my clients to devise a communications strategy that will best tell their story, informed by the insights and findings of their session.

The good news is that storytelling is a skill everyone has and once you have recognised the model you will find yourself using it in every part of your business.