Planning a successful website for your business is a perfect exercise in being utterly audience focused which is why its so very difficult to do. Your site shouldn’t reflect your offer in all its detail and complexity, it should simply attract the customer and solve their problems. More…

Company Story

Having a clear company story allows every employee to communicate consistently to clients, who you are and what you stand for. It also means employees from senior to junior, are clear about what they belong to and how they belong.  Use your next company offsite day to start building your story.

Social Media

A story can travel very far, very fast. It’s designed to be passed on. Your
customers are already exchanging
stories about your products and customer services across social media platforms, so capture and tell your stories about the way you do business.


The tools to communicate effectively are essential in every part of your business. Once your staff and colleagues understand stories it will revolutionise the way they write presentations, pitches and even emails. Do they currently communicate in a way that is engaging, inspiring and effortless to consume?


Are you too close to your own story to tell it successfully? Watch this film and find out.


What Client’s Say

“It was very helpful to consider our story from an external perspective……. Keeping in mind the ‘big thoughts’ and working with Ann’s seven story elements made for a more gripping story.”
from, LOROL
“Her session was insightful and entertaining, but most of all highly relevant to those of us charged with delivering action-inspiring communication on behalf of a brand. Thanks to Ann we now have no excuse for be a bore for our target audiences.”
“Ann engaged us with her approach to story telling. [She] ..has opened up a whole new way of doing things in getting an important message across to an audience. Ann is an expert in her field and captivating to listen to, she openly challenged our thinking and inspired us to try new ways.”
from, Dune
“[Our session]…changed the way we communicate our authentic company story to our market and it has made a huge difference to our business development, marketing, online communications and most importantly our bottom line.”
from, Esocialmedia
“For many years we have looked at ways of making a subject relevant to the audience and through this session with Ann, have discovered that storytelling really is an art form.
Ann’s session set us on a path to recognising we needed to maximize engagement with this audience to achieve the results we desired.”
from, L’Oreal
“Her ideas, resourcefulness, delivery and follow up were everything we expected when working with someone of her calibre and experience. The trainees responded well and have since used aspects of the training in their day-to-day work.”
from, Toni and Guy
“Ann worked with us to simplify a complex technical message for a new broader audience outside our traditional client base. Despite not being from the market she quickly grasped the core principles and was able steer our team towards creating clear compelling website text.”
from, Data Explorers
“Having Ann as an independent facilitator was a huge benefit and ensured the process was extremely efficient. [Her]… approach enabled us to turn our technobabble into plain English for a new type of client.”
from, Data Explorers